Profile: Ralph R.

Common Name: Weasel

Scientific Name: Mustela nivalis


Weight: 4 lbs

Height: 6.5 inches

Occupation: 3rd Grade Student at Rodentia Elementary School

Symptoms: nervous, often worried, bites toenails, trouble sleeping, legs tremble

About Ralph R.

Ralph R. was born in a small suburb outside of Rodentia, USA. His family moved to Rodentia when Ralph was 6 years old. Ralph comes from a long line of very nervous weasels. Both his parents are quite nervous, and his little brother, George G., can also be quite nervous (and quite a handful at times).

Ralph was Dr. Woodchuck's first patient. Dr. Woodchuck saw rather quickly that Ralph's nervousness occurs mostly in the classroom when he has to answer his teacher, Mr. Foozle, questions in class. Ralph's nervousness causes him to have trouble falling asleep at night and also leads to leg trembling and toenail biting. Ralph has been trying to follow Dr. Woodchuck's advice when he is feeling nervous but it has not always been easy.

In his free time, Ralph enjoys Taekwondo, eating chicken wings, and watching Animal Planet.

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