Profile: Mr. Foozle

Common Name: Goat

Scientific Name: Capra aegagrus hircus

Age: 15 (in goat years)

Weight: 249 lbs.

Height: 22 inches

Occupation: 3rd Grade Teacher at Rodentia Elementary School 

About Mr. Foozle

Mr. Foozle is probably older than Rodentia Elementary School. He was there when the school first opened and is still a very important part of the school today. Some people think Mr. Foozle should retire- but that's neither here nor there. Mr. Foozle knows the school and it's students better than anyone else. He's always said he will only retire when he can no longer remember how to do long division.

Mr. Foozle was raised by his grandparents after his parents died in a terrible accident. Mr. Foozle's grandfather was an extraordinarily smart man and taught Mr. Foozle everything he knew. Mr. Foozle wanted to be a teacher so that he could teach his students everything that he knows. Most of Mr Foozle's students know not to get on his bad side. It's not that Mr. Foozle would yell at them or be mean or anything like that. He would just give you 'the look,' which meant he was extremely disappointed in you. 'The look' was a lot worse than getting yelled at. Nobody wanted to get 'the look' from Mr. Foozle.

Mr. Foozle lives at home with his two cats, Statler and Waldorf. 

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