The Case Studies of Dr. Wood E. Woodchuck:
Ralph R.






Ralph R. came to my office at exactly 11:21am.

My Notes on Ralph:

  • common case of worry

  • appears to be a ball of nerves

  • no eye contact

  • sweating

Ralph R.: 

I get really nervous when Mr. Foozle asks me a question in class, Doc- I just freeze like Philomena. She's a turkey.

Ralph R. also reported these symptoms:

(trouble sleeping)

(bites toenails)


My suggestion:

Ralph R. to start practicing big balloon belly breaths:

(breathe in through nose for three seconds so belly slowly fills up like a balloon)

(hold breath for three seconds)

(breathe out through mouth for three seconds so belly loses air like a balloon)


Ralph R.’s mom came into the office at 9:22am.

My Notes on Ralph R.’s Mom:

  • appears to be a ball of nerves

  • little eye contact

  • sweating

Ralph R.’s Mom:

I’m worried about Ralph, Doc. Real worried. He never seems to relax. Nope. Can’t relax at all. I’m pretty relaxed myself. That’s right. Pretty relaxed. But my husband- he’s a different story. He worries a lot. A real worry wart, Doc. I think Ralph and his brother get their nervousness from him.

Ralph R. came into the office later that morning:

Ralph R.:

Today at school Mr. Foozle asked Garfinkle a question in class but he wouldn’t say a word. Not one word, Doc. Everyone laughed at him.

Ralph R:

Then she asked me the same question­­: what’s the capital of Delaware? I was so nervous I kept getting my w’s mixed up with my v’s.

My Suggestion:

Draw a picture when you're feeling nervous.


Ralph R.:

I couldn’t sleep last night, Doc…I kept thinking there’s something missing in my brain. Grandma says my little brother, George, is missing the manners part of his brain when he sucks on chicken bones at the table.


When I was younger, my mom thought I was missing the clean part of my brain. She’d always try to get me to take a bath. There’s nothing I hate more than wet prickles.


Ralph R.:

There’s a kid named Norman at school and I’m pretty sure he’s just as nervous as I am, Doc. At recess, he’s jumping from one place to another. Watching him makes me feel real jumpy, Doc…



I used to feel jumpy every time I had to flush the toilet- thought I was going to get sucked in. (Side Note: True Story)

My Suggestion:

Write down yourthoughts and feelings when you're jumpy or nervous.


Ralph R.:

Today in class I tried to write down my thoughts and feelings when I was nervous but I couldn’t concentrate ‘cause Milton kept getting angry. Mr. Foozle gave him a warning, but he wouldn’t stop. She finally sent him to Mr. Hamberger's office. 

Ralph R.:

Milton is a hippo, Doc. In case you didn’t know. Speaking of animals…watching Chicken Planet really helps soothe my nerves. Even though it keeps me up at night, there’s nothing like a show about chickens to make me feel relaxed and hungry..

My suggestion:



Ralph R.:

Last night I was feeling really nervous, Doc. My legs were shaking, my stomach was in knots, and I was sweating. I really didn’t want to come to school today. Then I remembered what you I turned off Chicken Planet, took some big balloon belly breaths, and drew a picture. When I got in bed, I listened to some ocean sounds and fell asleep!

Ralph R.:

I think you might have cured me, Doc! Today in class I answered all of Mr. Foozle's questions about North American woodchucks and my legs were only shaking a little. Doc? You there, Doc?

Ralph R.’s progress:

(slept through most of the night without waking up)

(cut toenails for the first time in 1 year)

(answered question in class with onlya little leg trembling)

One month later…

Name: Ralph R.

Age: 8

Weight: 4.1 lbs.

Height: 6.5 inches

Occupation: 3rd Grade Student at Rodentia Elementary School

Progress: less worried/nervous, stopped biting nails (sometimes bites on Sunday nights), sleeps (7.25 hours per night), answers questions in class (legs sometimes tremble)

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