Profile: Milton M.

Common Name: Hippopotamus

Scientific Name: Hippopotamus amphibius

Age: 8 

Weight: 480 lbs.

Height: 14 inches

Occupation: 3rd Grade Student at Rodentia Elementary School

Symptoms: blames others for his mistakes, gets angry a lot, some temper tantrums, argues with adults

About Milton M.

Milton M. was born a few towns away from Rodentia, USA. Him and his mother, father, and little sister moved to Rodentia when Milton was 7 years old. Milton's parents haven't always had the best relationship and Milton and his sister grew up with his mother and father arguing all the time. Milton learned from a young age that in order to be heard in his family, he had to yell.

When Milton started Rodentia Elementary School, he was not happy. He had moved away from his best friend and felt scared not knowing anyone at his new school. But because Milton wasn't used to showing anyone his fears, he would get really angry instead. Milton's anger grew more and more both at home and at school until his teacher, Mr. Foozle, suggested he start meeting with Dr. Woodchuck. Milton is not happy about meeting with Dr. Woodchuck every week and refuses to talk. Dr. Woodchuck understands it takes time for people to trust him and is not pushing Milton to open up. Dr. Woodchuck feels it would be helpful to also meet with Milton's parents to help them find healthier ways to show their anger and frustration and to suggest they attend their own therapy.

Milton enjoys putting together very complicated jigsaw puzzles. He also loves eating pepperoni pizza. 

Worksheet 1: Milton M.

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