Profile: Dr. Wood E. Woodchuck

Common Name: Groundhog

Scientific Name: Marmota monax

Age: 13 (64 in human years)

Weight: 12.23 lbs.

Height: 21 inches

Occupation: School Psychologist at Rodentia Elementary School 

About Dr. Wood E. Woodchuck

Dr. Wood E. Woodchuck was born in Rodentia, USA to a Mr. and Mrs. Wood E. Woodchuck. Dr. Woodchuck is the middle child- he has an older brother who didn't like to play with him and a younger sister who was too young to play. Dr. Woodchuck would spend a lot of time making up superhero games and playing Legos by himself. 

Dr. Woodchuck attended Rodentia Elementary School, the same school he works at now as a school psychologist. Dr. Woodchuck always had a difficult time paying attention in class- his teachers said it was like he was "driven by a motor." This made the other kids not want to spend time with Dr. Woodchuck, so he spent a lot of time by himself playing superheroes and picking dandelions.

Growing up, Dr. Woodchuck experienced some sadness, nervousness, and of course, problems concentrating and sitting still. When it was time for Dr. Woodchuck to decide what he wanted to be when he grew up, he knew right away he wanted to help other kids who were also having a hard time.

Dr. Woodchuck still lives in Rodentia, USA with his pet cat, Phyllis. He loves working as a school psychologist and running this website, In his free time, Dr. Woodchuck enjoys playing golf, mahjong, and eating turkey sandwiches. 

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