Profile: Mr. Hamberger

Common Name: Pig

Scientific Name: Sus scrofa

Age: 18 (in pig years)

Weight: 422 lbs.

Height: 2 feet 9 inches

Occupation: Principal at Rodentia Elementary School

About Mr. Hamberger

Mr. Horace Hamberger has been the principal at Rodentia Elementary School for over thirty years. He was going to retire a few years ago, but realized he would miss the students too much. The students at Rodentia Elementary School love Mr. Hamberger because he is extremely nice. Every once in awhile when a student does not respect him, Mr. Hamberger can become very stern. But it always comes from a good place and Mr. Hamberger only wants the best for his students.

Mr. Hamberger lives in a one bedroom apartment very close to Rodentia Elementary School. Since he spends a lot of his time at school, he keeps most of his brightly colored ties on the back of the door in his office. He chooses his ties based on his mood for that day. Very rarely, Mr. Hamberger will wear a black tie. The students at Rodentia Elementary School know this means that Mr. Hamberger is probably having a bad day. 

Mr. Hamberger loves sudoku. He is extremely good at it and can complete a puzzle within a matter of minutes. He then likes to reward himself with a single scoop of chocolate malted crunch.

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