Profile: Ollie O.

Common Name: Ostrich

Scientific Name: Struthio camelus

Age: 7.5 

Weight: 150 lbs.

Height: 84 inches

Occupation: 5th Grade Student at Rodentia Elementary School

Symptoms: nervous, avoids people, wants everything to be perfect

About Ollie O.

Ollie has lived in Rodentia, USA her whole life. The youngest in her family, Ollie has six older brothers. Being the only girl, Ollie's brothers have been making fun of her since she was little. It has always been hard for Ollie to talk to other kids and make friends at Rodentia Elementary School because she is worried they will think the worst of her.

Dr. Woodchuck has been helping Ollie with the idea that she is fine just as she is. Ollie has a difficult time understanding this- she always thinks she can be better or do better. While Ollie wants to be perfect, she also knows that nobody is perfect and that she can't expect this of herself. Her teacher, Mrs. Bookbinder, also helps her remember this when Ollie's having a hard time in class.

In her free time, Ollie enjoys organizing her school supplies, playing solitaire, and reading Diary of a Wimpy Kid. 

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