Profile: Mrs. Bookbinder

Common Name: Giraffe

Scientific Name: Giraffa camelopardalis

Age: 16 (in giraffe years)

Weight: 1600 lbs.

Height: 17 feet

Occupation: 5th Grade Teacher at Rodentia Elementary School 

About Mrs. Bookbinder

Mrs. Barbara Bookbinder was born and raised in Rodentia, USA. She went to Rodentia Elementary School, Rodentia Middle School, and Rodentia High School. She met her husband, Mr. Bookbinder, during freshman year of high school and has been with him ever since. Mr. and Mrs. Bookbinder have four children, all whom have left the house. The last Bookbinder to leave for college left his mouse, Thomas, behind. Mr. and Mrs. Bookbinder love Thomas dearly.

For the most part, Mrs. Bookbinder loves her job teaching 5th grade students. Every once in awhile she will have a very difficult student, but she feels it will only help her be a better teacher. Every evening when Mrs. Bookbinder comes home, she likes to unwind by telling Mr. Bookbinder what she taught her students that day and what she plans on teaching them the following day. Then she prepares dinner for the two of them, feeds Thomas some Muenster cheese, and reads a book before going to bed.

In her free time, Mr. and Mrs. Bookbinder like to golf at the local golf course. Mrs. Bookbinder also enjoys getting pedicures (always in midnight blue).

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