Profile: Wilhelmina W.

Common Name: Mouse

Scientific Name: Mus musculus

Age: 7.5 

Weight: 0.5 oz.

Height: 3 inches

Occupation: 3rd Grade Student at Rodentia Elementary School

Symptoms: hard time paying attention and listening to directions, daydreams a lot, gets easily distracted

About Wilhelmina W.

Wilhelmina W. lives with her mother, father, and three younger sisters in Rodentia, USA. From a young age, Wilhelmina has had a hard time listening and following directions. She doesn't do this on purpose. Wilhelmina really wants to listen, but it is hard for her to do so. Not with everything, though. The things that she really cares about, like her favorite T.V. show, are easy to pay attention to. It's other things, like schoolwork, that are harder to follow.

Wilhelmina's teacher, Mr. Foozle, and Dr. Woodchuck have worked together to find ways to help Wilhelmina pay attention in class. Mr. Foozle always makes sure to give instructions one at a time and repeats the instructions to make sure Wilhelmina has heard him. He also helps break up some longer assignments into smaller goals that Wilhelmina can meet.

Wilhelmina loves watching Pinky and the Brain, eating swiss cheese, and playing in the sprinklers.

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