Profile: Roger R.

Common Name: Squirrel

Scientific Name: Sciurus carolinensis

Age: 2 (in squirrel years)

Weight: .89 lbs.

Height: 15 inches

Occupation: 5th Grade Student at Rodentia Elementary School

Symptoms: trouble taking turns, hard time waiting for things, interrupts others, squirms and fidgets a lot, always moving

About Roger R.

Roger R. has lived in an apartment with his grandmother for the last year. Roger used to live with his mother, but she was having a hard time taking care of Roger and going to work full-time. Roger and his grandmother get along splendidly, but Roger's grandmother is getting older. This makes it hard for her to keep up with a very energetic Roger.

Dr. Woodchuck has been working with Roger to focus his attention more and practice being patient. Roger is good at following directions when he is in Dr. Woodchuck's office, but he has a difficult time in the classroom when he is around all of his friends. Roger really wants to do the right thing and make his teacher, Mrs. Bookbinder, proud of him but he is always getting in trouble. Dr. Woodchuck has been working with Mrs. Bookbinder to practice patience with Roger and remember that Roger is not talking out of turn just to annoy his teacher.

Roger enjoys reading the funnies and eating macadamia nuts.

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