Profile: Morris M.

Common Name: Horse

Scientific Name: Equus caballus

Age: 1 (in horse years)

Weight: 160 lbs.

Height: 55 inches

Occupation: 2nd Grade Student at Rodentia Elementary School

Symptoms: really sad, eats a lot (even when he's not hungry), tearful

About Morris M.

Morris M. lives at home with his father and older brother. Morris' mother was very sick and passed away when Morris was very young. Morris doesn't have very many memories of his mother. Morris' father told Morris that his mother loved Morris and his brother very much but that she was always sad. Morris feels like he is a lot like his mother because he always feels sad as well. 

Dr. Woodchuck started working with Morris when he was in the first grade after Morris told his teacher, Mrs. Moops, that the other kids in his class were making fun of him because of his "big tummy." Morris told Dr. Woodchuck that he was always hungry and never felt full. Dr. Woodchuck helped Morris see how feeling empty can sometimes lead to wanting to fill up on things like food. Morris is slowly beginning to talk more about his feelings and emotions.

Morris loves to make miniature animals with clay. He also likes to watch soccer on T.V. with his father and older brother. 

Worksheet 1: Morris M.

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