Profile: Clyde C.

Common Name: Kangaroo

Scientific Name: Macropus fulignosus

Age: 5 (in kangaroo years)

Weight: 31 lbs.

Height: 45 inches

Occupation: 2nd Grade Student at Rodentia Elementary School

Symptoms: hard time staying on one task (lots of tasks are unfinished), difficulty staying seated

About Clyde C.

Clyde C. was born and raised in Rodentia, USA. He lives at home with his mother and father. Clyde is an only child because his mother became too overwhelmed to have more children after she had Clyde. Since Clyde's father is away on business a lot, Clyde is often home with just his mother.

Clyde has always been an active little boy. When he was a toddler, he could hop around faster than anyone his age. His mother hoped Clyde would go to school and settle down. That never happened. When Clyde started at Rodentia Elementary School, he could barely sit still. Dr. Woodchuck has always allowed Clyde to bounce around his office because he knows how hard it is for Clyde to stay seated. Now that Clyde is in Ms. Moops class, he can sit still for a little longer. The bigger problem is that Clyde goes from one activity to the next without really finishing anything he started. Dr. Woodchuck has been working with Ms. Moops to help Clyde focus on tasks by making them smaller. This sometimes works and sometimes doesn't. Ms. Moops tries to be as patient as she can with Clyde while still being there for the rest of her students.

Clyde enjoys collecting erasers and chewing bubble gum. He also likes to listen to pop music on the radio at very high volumes.

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