Profile: Ms. Noodle

Common Name: Elephant

Scientific Name: Elephas maximus

Age: 35 (in elephant years)

Weight: 5994.9 lbs.

Height: 7 feet

Occupation: Yard Duty at Rodentia Elementary School 

About Ms. Noodle

Ms. Norma Noodle applied to be a yard duty at Rodentia Elementary School exactly eleven years ago and has never looked back. Since Ms. Noodle never had her own children, the students at Rodentia Elementary School have become like her own. While some are definitely rowdier than others, she cares for all of them dearly and wants to make sure each and every one of them is safe on the playground.

Ms. Noodle has always wanted to get married but has never found the right match. Since she does not like to be alone on the weekends, she visits her mother at a nearby home for the elderly. Ms. Noodle knows her mother enjoys rhubarb pie and always bakes one on Saturday mornings before her visits. 

Every 4th Sunday of the month, Ms. Noodle likes to go to the flea market and purchase ceramic roosters for her house; she has at least three in every room. Her favorite condiment is horseradish and she eats it with every meal.

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