Profile: Ms. Bougainvillea 

Common Name: Crocodile

Scientific Name: Crocodylus acutus

Age: 63 (in crocodile years)

Weight: 507 lbs.

Height: 10.5 feet

Occupation: School Nurse at Rodentia Elementary School 

About Ms. Bougainvillea

Ms. Betty Bougainvillea came to Rodentia, USA not long after she graduated nursing school. Ready for a new start, she told her parents she would be moving out, packed her bags, bid them farewell, and traveled twenty minutes to the next town over where she found work at Rodentia Elementary School. Not one to make any drastic changes in her life, Ms. Bougainvillea still goes home every week to do her laundry.

Ms. Bougainvillea has one of the busiest jobs at Rodentia Elementary School. There is always someone coming in with a bruised knee, a headache, or a stomachache. Ms. Bougainvillea is pretty good at her job and knows when a student is really in pain and when they are trying to get out of a Social Studies test. Even when she senses the student is just fine, she will never make them feel bad because she herself remembers how difficult elementary school was.

Ms. Bougainvillea likes to change her nail color on Saturday mornings. She then flips through her favorite magazine, Better Homes and Gardens, while sipping pink lemonade through a straw.

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