Profile: Coach Nurrfle

Common Name: Canis lupus familiaris

Scientific Name: Marmota monax

Age: 13 (in dog years)

Weight: 25 lbs.

Height: 8 inches

Occupation: Physical Education Teacher at Rodentia Elementary School 

About Coach Nurrfle

Coach Ned Nurrfle started teaching Physical Education at Rodentia Elementary School approximately one year ago. He took the job because he loves running around and being in the sunshine. He never thought he would teach P.E. though- he always imagined himself being an Olympic gold medalist in badminton. A knee injury a few years ago steered him off that path and that is why he decided to take the job at Rodentia Elementary School.

Coach Nurrfle was an only child raised by a very hard working single mother. He was always grateful to his mother for working three jobs so that he could be professionally trained in badminton. Since Coach Nurrfle was an only child, he's learning how to be around children as a teacher. Most days, Coach Nurrfle loves his job and working with his students at Rodentia Elementary School. Other days he finds himself extremely annoyed with them and dreams of what his life could have been if he had never gotten injured.

Coach Nurrfle made it to the national finals when he was training for the Olympics. He keeps all of his awards and trophies on his nightstand and likes to polish them on the weekends.

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