Profile: Mr. Norbit

Common Name: Fox

Scientific Name: Vulpes vulpes

Age: 4 (in fox years) 

Weight: 25 lbs.

Height: 16 inches

Occupation: 1st Grade Teacher at Rodentia Elementary School

About Mr. Norbit

Mr. Norm Norbit moved to Rodentia USA last year to start his new job as a 1st grade teacher at Rodentia Elementary School. Mr. Norbit used to work at a high school across town, but didn't like how much the students in his class were always talking back to him. He much prefers working with a class of (more) respectful first graders.

Mr. Norbit grew up with a military father who was extremely strict. Mr. Norbit had to wake up at 5am every morning and make his bed perfectly. He never dared talk back to his father or he'd have to do 100 burpees. Mr. Norbit was extremely scared of his father but also learned the importance of respecting others. Mr. Norbit has a lot of patience most of the time, but can get a little bit overwhelmed when too many kids are talking at once. This is because Mr. Norbit leads a pretty quiet life at home with his goldfish, Frank.

In his free time, Mr. Norbit likes to drink dark roast coffee and read history books about the Mesopotamian Empire.

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